Interview Ready

Making your interviews successful

Congratulations on securing your interview. Good preparation is the key to making your interviews a success and we have put the below best practice guide together to help you.  This is our proven, step by step route to building your knowledge and confidence based on feedback from hiring managers and successful candidates.


  • What do you know about the company?
  • Has the company won any awards?
  • What is the company’s turnover and industry position?
  • Who is their competition?
  • Are they privately owned or are they listed on the stock market?
  • Why would you like to work for them?
  • If you need any adjustments for the interview, let us know in advance. Do not be afraid to ask.

The industry sector:

  • What do you know about the industry sector?
  • Who are their customers or clients?
  • What are the key challenges and future opportunities?

Know your CV:

  • Make sure that you can explain the chronology of your CV
  • Prepare answers for career moves, gaps and decisions
  • What are you unique selling points?
  • What future benefit can you bring to the company?
  • What past achievements define this benefit?
  • Why are you looking for a new role?

The interview:

  • First impressions go along way.
  • From reporting at reception to meeting your interviewer, always make early eye contact, smile and offer a firm hand shake. 
  • Listen to the interviewers and answer the questions that are being asked directly and be positive about your previous experiences and do not be negative about your previous employers.

Prepare some questions:

  • Why did your interviewer join the company?
  • The team structure and company ambitions
  • The role and developmental opportunities for you.
  • How do you feel that my experience compares to your requirements?
  • Do you have any reservations about my experience? This is a bold question, however if the interviewer highlights any concerns you can dismiss them with evidence to support your application

Leave a good impression

  • Close the interview by thanking your interviewers for their time and tell them you are interested in the opportunity.
  • Ask them about what next steps might look like.

Hear From Our Team

“I was the first in my family to leave the North West and I aspire for the City to recruit more people from different social-economic backgrounds”.

“Companies should recruit people based on their potential and cognitive make up and not just based on what university they went to and where they have worked”.

“When Matt and Clare approached me I believed in their vision straight away. Their approach to the industry and the ethos of The Ocean Partnership is well aligned to help the investments industry improve its reputation and achieve equality for all”.

“I joined Ocean because of the vision to help the investments sector change and because of the company’s commitment to doing things differently”.

“Inclusion starts with each individual taking responsibility for understanding what it means and taking action. Here at Ocean, we take Diversity & Inclusion as being our default position in all we do and building that critical mass that will shift the inclusion agenda further each day”.

“I am delighted to be working for a company that truly embraces the benefit mature people can bring and the value of different cultures and backgrounds”.

“Ocean operates a flat management culture which enables everyone to have a voice. We all have a business management responsibility in which we own and set the strategy for”.

“Every day I make the tea and help with admin but I also run the company”.

“Matt & Clare have believed in me since day one. Not only am I a return to work Mum, I also work flexibility which means more than just working from home. I work during pockets around the clock to complement the demands of family life. This enables me to get done more than I ever would otherwise!”

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