Tue, October 23, 2018

Last month, LGBT Great launched the #hereiam role model video campaign to boost visibility of LGBT+ and ally talent in the investment industry and encourage others to step in to the light. This has been viewed over 1200 times on You Tube and has gained considerable traction across the investment management industry. LGBT Great is working to undercover 1000 LGBT+ and allies for the sector in 5 years.

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LGBT Great Role Models are LGBT+ and, or ally individuals who are working in or with the investments industry across all levels. Current role models represent over forty firms and several continents including the USA, UK, Europe and Asia. LGBT Great is working collaboratively with firms and other diversity drives such as the Diversity Project, CityHive and Investment 2020 to help transform the perception of the industry.

The #hereiam campaign features a collection of LGBT Great Role Models to showcase LGBT+ talent currently working in the investment industry and to encourage others to come forward and to demonstrate that the industry is open for LGBT+ talent. Firms such as Schroders, Legal & General Investment Management, AGG Wealth Management Nutmeg and The Investment Association all feature in the campaign.

Managing director Matt Cameron says that “having visible role models provides in indication of how inclusive an organisation culture is and acts as beacon of inspiration to aspiring talent”.

With more people identifying as LGBT+ than ever before in the UK and with young people looking for visual signs of inclusion when making career choices, Cameron believes that increased LGBT+ inclusion in the investment industry will have a positive impact in the recruitment, inclusion and retention of all talent: “future talent wants something much different; this talent wants to know that they will be valued and lead by inclusive leaders, they want something far greater than most firms currently provide”.

LGBT Great Role Model Martin Stead, Chief Executive Officer of Nutmeg, is one of the industry’s only visible out c-suite leaders and says that “being able to be yourself at work is critical in being the best that you can be”. Martin Stead also says that “Nutmeg has been able to attract LGBT+ talent to the firm because of clear and visible organisational commitment to LGBT+ inclusion”. During the filing of the #hereiam video in Nutmeg’s offices, Matt Cameron stated that a number of Nutmeg’s employees told him they joined the firm because of Martin’s inclusive leadership.

Colette Comerford, Head of Inclusion & Culture at Legal and General Investment Management, is a strong supporter of LGBT Great and says that “it is important that we have that visibility and that LGBT+ people feel part of a community in the industry. Fundamentally we need more LGBT people to feel part of this industry we need to support them and try find some more”.

The #hereiam campaign is a visual demonstration of the positive action being taken to challenge the perception of talent in the investment industry and to help create a more representative workforce. Cameron says that “I hope that our #hereiam campaign will have a positive impact and inspire LGBT+ and ally talent to say look, here I am and inspire others to follow”.

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