The Ocean Partnership contributes to REC Gender diversity publication

Sun, January 06, 2019

The Ocean Partnership is a member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) and are one of a few organisations to be invited to participate in their diversity and inclusion research report: Increasing opportunity, supporting growth: the role of good recruitment in gender diversity’. The publication focusses on sharing best practices between employers, HR professionals, recruitment firms and other key stakeholders. 

Ocean was identified as a key organisation making a difference as the sector we serve. The investment management industry is the least gender diverse sector with 76% of the workforce made up of one type of identity group (men), 4% of investing decisions are currently made by women in the UK, a 56% Gender Pay Gap and just 19% of execs in the alternatives industry are women

Ocean's Managing Director, Matt Cameron, states that:  

“Ocean is about helping firms to move beyond attracting and recruiting talent from small talent pools where there is no diversity at all, and into the broader ocean where there is a richness of untapped talent. If we can re-engineer traditional recruitment methods we have an opportunity to bring more female talent into the investment industry”.

The Ocean Partnership have been focussing on promoting Women already in the sector but also on attracting new talent in from other sectors too. 

Managing Director, Clare Scott, adds further comment:

Our participation in the report highlights our on-going commitment to driving gender diversity within recruitment. We are proud that we made good progress in helping firms recruit female talent; in fact 59% of the people we placed were women in relation to me, 70% of our Director level appointments were women and 67% of our Associate level appointments”.

Last year the firm hired Peter Hall from the Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion who is supporting the Managing Directors to deliver a unique diversity proposition for the investment industry. 

Our Diversity & Inclusion Director, Peter M. Hall, states that:

“Recruiting from a broader pool requires careful planning and actions must be connected to overall diversity and inclusion strategy. At Ocean we are dedicated to leading the agenda for our own company and we were delighted that Clare Scott was recently recognised as an ‘Outstanding CEO’ finalist in the UK Venus Awards”.

The REC represents businesses through its corporate membership and individuals through the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). All corporate members abide by a code of professional practice and individual members abide by a code of ethics and professional conduct.

On the report, the REC comments that:

“Recruiters are in a unique position to help eradicate the gender gap in employment. Good recruitment is the foundation upon which fair and gender-balanced organisations are built. The industry has the power to make a difference that will help grow business and the UK economy as a whole. In fact, it has been estimated that if the country’s gender gap were to be closed, this could potentially generate an additional £150 billion to gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025”.

You can contact us at to find out how we can help you. 

Are you An Inclusive Leader? Ocean's 10.

Decide if you are an inclusive leader by answering the following 10 questions:

Do you sponsor someone with high potential who is from a group currently under-represented in leadership to support them in realising their career aspirations?

Do you ask those you manage or lead for feedback on the impact of your style and approach in supporting them to perform well and/or progress their careers?

Do you know the different values and drivers that motivate those you manage or lead and do you leverage these to help improve performance?

Do you challenge others if their behaviour or actions do not support inclusion and diversity?

Are you aware of the stereotypes, assumptions and judgements you make about different groups (unconscious bias) and what you can do to minimise the potential negative impact of these?

Do you involve and encourage those you manage or lead to identify problems early on, come up with solutions and improvement ideas?

Does your team reflect diversity in its demographic make-up, background and perspectives and do you leverage this to avoid group think?

Are you clear how inclusion and diversity can help you meet your own and the wider organisation’s business goals?

Do you help those you manage or lead understand the bigger organisational and strategic picture and their role within this?

Do you mentor others, including women and people from minority backgrounds and check that your approach meets their specific needs?

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D&I Metrics

What gets measured gets done. That is why we collect diversity metrics on both our candidates and clients in line with the Data Protection and Equality Acts. This allows us to identify areas requiring additional focus and also to measure progress across the industry. With biases prevalence through the employee lifecycle we actively utilize our diversity data to demonstrate where barriers exist and to create solutions to overcome them.