Meet Our Team

Matt Cameron, Co-Founder & Managing Director
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Matt holds a BA (Hons) degree in History and is an experienced recruitment and inclusion consultant. He is responsible for developing and creating Ocean’s core business lines and is a proponent of teams with cognitive diversity. He constantly seeks ways to challenge bias and micro inequities in the workplace and believes that everyone should be given an opportunity regardless of their background. Empowerment is therefore a key competent of his DNA. Matt is also the Founder of LGBT Great – an initiative to attract 1000 LGBT people into the investments sector.


Clare Scott, Co-Founder & Managing Director
+44(0)203 909 8647

Clare started her career working in the investments industry before moving into recruitment. She leads Ocean’s Middle Office & Investment Operations recruitment specialisation and is responsible for the service delivery to our key client organisations. Clare believes firmly in seeing beyond identity characteristics and empowering people with opportunity to reach their true potential. Whilst her priority is to always find the right person for the role she does not accept that people should be defined by the scenario they may find themselves in but by the skills they possess and the potential they have within.


James Rendell, Associate Director
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James holds a BSc (Hons) degree in Business Management and joined Ocean to build our Sales, Marketing & Distribution recruitment specialisation. He is also responsible for generating ideas of innovation and assessing the ways in which technology can be infused within the recruitment process. James is an ambassador for diversity & inclusion and workplace equality and responsible for project managing our events calendar.


Aisling Simpson, Finance & Accounts Manager
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Aisling holds a BA (Hons) in History with Contemporary Chinese Studies from the University of Nottingham. She has over ten years experience running Finance & Accounting functions within the recruitment and services industry and is responsible for the operation of the company’s Finance & Accounts function. Aisling is a ‘Returner’ (a return to work parent) and is a big believer in flexible working and the benefits that this can bring to both the individual and organisation. She is passionate about Ocean’s promotion of women within the workplace and our mission to achieve an inclusive investments industry.


Khalid Figueira-Basheer, Principal Consultant
+44(0)203 909 8641

Khalid holds a BA (Hons) Media & Cultural Studies and leads Ocean’s Regulatory, Risk & Compliance practice. Khalid previously worked in banking at Barclays and then as a Fundraiser for Listen UK before moving into recruitment in 2013. Khalid is of Portuguese Arabic origin and has spent time living and working in the UAE.  He joined Ocean to develop the compliance offering and to work with a range of Investment Management organisations.  


Alex Badeni, Principal Consultant
+44(0)203 909 8642

Alex holds a BSc (Hons) History of Art Degree from the University of Leeds. Alex started his recruiting career at Robert Walters following experience within investor relations and intermediary investments.  At Ocean Alex works in our expanding Middle Office, Investment Operations & Finance recruiting function and has a track record in recruiting across all levels. He is also passionate about the importance of creating an inclusive investments industry and is a keen sportsman.


Chris Mouskoundi, Non-Executive Director
+44(0)203 909 8640

Chris is a Chartered Tax Advisor qualifying in practice at BDO LLP in London specialising in Private Client Tax. In 2007 Chris moved to establish a family office looking after the various assets, tax and financial affairs of the family. In addition he sat on the Board of The Office Group which has secured major investment from Blackstone Private Equity. He also has various other interests within private businesses.



Michael Scott, Company Secretary
+44(0)203 909 8640

Michael is a Qualified ACCA and trained at Wilkins Kennedy LLP. In 2004 he joined a reputable and leading Asset Management organisation where he is an Executive Director. Michael is responsible for Ocean’s corporate governance and chief financial office.


Hear From Our Team

“I was the first in my family to leave the North West and I aspire for the City to recruit more people from different social-economic backgrounds”.

“Companies should recruit people based on their potential and cognitive make up and not just based on what university they went to and where they have worked”.

“When Matt and Clare approached me I believed in their vision straight away. Their approach to the industry and the ethos of The Ocean Partnership is well aligned to help the investments industry improve its reputation and achieve equality for all”.

“I joined Ocean because of the vision to help the investments sector change and because of the company’s commitment to doing things differently”.

“Inclusion starts with each individual taking responsibility for understanding what it means and taking action. Here at Ocean, we take Diversity & Inclusion as being our default position in all we do and building that critical mass that will shift the inclusion agenda further each day”.

“I am delighted to be working for a company that truly embraces the benefit mature people can bring and the value of different cultures and backgrounds”.

“Ocean operates a flat management culture which enables everyone to have a voice. We all have a business management responsibility in which we own and set the strategy for”.

“Every day I make the tea and help with admin but I also run the company”.

“Matt & Clare have believed in me since day one. Not only am I a return to work Mum, I also work flexibility which means more than just working from home. I work during pockets around the clock to complement the demands of family life. This enables me to get done more than I ever would otherwise!”

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